Sailing through the boundaries - A coracle ride in Srisailam

     Have you ever gone for a ride in coracle?? Wondering what a coracle is?? are small round boats, which is used by people for fishing or to cross a river or for pleasure rides. 

     These small boats have fascinated me many times. I remember the first time when I saw these in a photo of my brother when he went for a trip in Hogenakkal waterfalls, Karnataka, some long time back. As he was explaining about it, I was amused as it didn't sink or lose its direction, amidst the chaos caused by the rivers in the strong current.

     So on our way back to Hyderabad from Srisailam, we spotted these coracles in the Krishna river near to the bridge which connects Andhra Pradesh to Telangana. We couldn't hold up the desire to ride in those small little boats. Hence we stopped our way back to home and went to the shores of the river. 


     The water is crystal clear, though the river looks in a dirty green colour. Many people were there enjoying the beauty of Srisailam dam and the river, bathing, offering prayer, taking coracle ride in the river.

     I was trying to capture the beauty, in camera as a person asked to take a ride in the boat. I was excited as its a longtime dream, to ride in these. We were a group of 4, who took the ride along with the person who rode our coracle, Let's call him Captain . So the captain of our coracle made us sit in a circle facing outwards and started our voyage towards the dam. The ride was thrilling in the beginning, as we were moving away from the shore, without life jackets, to the deep waters. He was handling the coracle in an expert manner, steering it with a single oar. 

     We were amazed by the engineering of those cute little boats, made of bamboo. Assuming each one of our weight is 60 Kg, we were 5 including the riding person, so a total of 300 kg. Bearing 300 kg without sinking!! Interesting.. Isn't it??

     As we rode towards the dam we got into a little chit-chat with our captain. He informed us they are a group of deep divers, appointed by the government on both sides of the bridge, in case of emergencies. Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are the auspicious days during devotees are more. So these days they will be onshore guarding and giving us a ride, and remaining days they go for fishing.

View of Krishna Bridge from our coracle ride
     Up to a certain point water is not that deep. He told us water will be always released from the dam throughout the year.
     The fun part is when we reached some far distance away from the shore, as our captain started to rotate the coracle. We started spinning in the water like a top, with earth rotating around. A panoramic view of the dam, the hills and the bridge, in a single frame. As we rode back to the shore also, my head was spinning for some time. 25 minutes ride was worth an experience.
View of the Srisailam dam from our coracle ride
     Another thing is that if you see maps, the division of two states, Andhra and Telangana in these regions is between the Krishna river. So literally you are sailing through the boundaries. 

     If you are planning to Srisailam, take this ride which costs Rs.50 per head which is worth. There are no display boards showing the way to reach there and not shown in google maps for taking this coracle ride. You can either walk down the steps or take the muddy road for vehicles which is very close to the Krishna bridge, connecting Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, while coming from Srisailam.

Already took a coracle ride before?? Share your experience with us..

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