Touching up the sky- Asmangarh Palace

Have you ever dreamt of a castle which touches the sky, where you can visit the moon and stars, have a chit-chat with them and come back to normal life?? You are not alone. Many people have such dreams and some really work hard to make it come true.

Sir Asman Jah Bahadur, a Paigah noble, who served as prime minister for quiet sometime of ancient Hyderabad was one such man who was fortunate to make his dreams come true. He had the desire to built up a palace which should be close to the sky, to spend his quiet time. Hence, he designed a palace himself in gothic style. Its an architectural style prevaled in Europe having characteristics such as pointed arches, the vaulting supported by intersecting arches and the flying buttress.

He built it up on a hillock which had a scenic view of the surrounding forest, where Nizams and courtiers used to hunt. Mir Mahmood Ali Khan, belonging to Nizam, was enthraled with the beauty of palace and often visited here. Asman Jah gifted this aesthetic palace to Mir Mahmood Ali Khan, hence it got passed on from Paigahs to the Nizams. As time flew, when the Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan inherited the palace he added a gateway in shape of the turban(head-gear) which was a part of Hyderabad court dress and a symbol of State.

Try this link for location..

Following the google map, we were dubious of its presence in those small narrow roads. Eventually we could identify it, because of the photos we have seen beforehand as we entered the school lane premises. Its rear side is facing the road.

Yes, that's me sitting on the steps of the rear side of the Asmangarh palace.

We didn't get a chance to view the yellow beauty from forepart which is facing the school or to rove interiors of the palace as security was not allowing to go inside the school compound.

And the entrance to the school was packed with parents whose children studies in the school being some results displayed. Hence we could only wander around the backside of the palace, which was someone's dream home a day.

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