Cheering with Cheer leaders - IPL

What happens when you go for a live cricket match and sit just behind the cheerleaders??

It was my first ever watching a match live in a stadium.. Even though not being cricket watching person was a bit excited because I can see the cricket heroes in real.
My knowledge of cricket limits to the basics, such as scoring a four, six and batsmen getting out by a catch or runout. All of these basics I came to know because I had a big brother who loves watching cricket, and we had only Doordarshan channel in the TV. So I was left out with less option, none other than watching cricket.

This IPl season I got chance to watch the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals in Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hydera


So the match started and I couldn't recognize any players except Sanju Samson(as he hails from Kerala) and Shane Warne who came occasionally to the ground who is RR's team mentor.

As the match was going on and for each Fours and Six's scored by RR team, these 3 girls who look like dolls in their little cute dress will start cheering and dancing encouraging their team.

Oops.. That's not the cheerleaders whom I was talking about..

So let me make the confession here, keeping aside the enrage and controversies when cheerleading was introduced in India for IPL. Most of the time during the 3-hour match I was not watching cricket, instead, I was watching the cheering dance by them.. They were so skilled, that they were jumping during the dance on the small platform provided for them. A bit uncareful act is enough for falling off and getting injured. Throughout the game, they were smiling to everyone and posing for selfies with the people who asked for, without any hesitation and tiredness and keeping the full bright smiles on their face.
Would you like to watch the video of cheerleading by the cute girls captured during the day??

I was pretty cheered and impressed with their cheerleading😊. What about you??

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