Night walk through the Ramzan Night Bazaar in Charminar - A photologue

  The Festive Mood around Charminar for Ramzan celebrations is striding up, with Hawkers, Shoppers, Foodies and Photographers alike.. Night time in this area during Ramzan time, tourists will be outnumbered by the local people who come for Iftar in the Mecca Masjid, ending the day's fasting and prayer. Moreover, the small hotels and shops will be filled with Hyderabadi special food items spreading the aroma all over the place

  This is a place in Hyderabad less taken by modernity. People wearing conservative dresses, speaking Hindi mixed with Urdu who comes to shop for the Ramzan celebrations. The shopping list includes the beautiful bangles in the Laad Bazaar, Glittering sequin dresses, the special Attars and the list goes on and on.

   Let me take you through the photos, which gives you the essence of the Ramzan special night Bazaars around the old city.

Crowded Charminar street with hawkers and shoppers during the evening

I never got a picture of Charminar without human intervention..

As the daylight fades, more and more people will occupy the Night Bazaars

Beautifully decorated Mecca Masjid with lights near Charminar during Ramzan nights

Visitors(other than Muslims) are not allowed during Ramzan time after 5 in the evening unless you want to enter the Mosque for prayers and Iftar ..

Tired shopping?? Sip some Irani Chai along with crunchy Osmania biscuits from Nimrah cafe & Bakery, to rejuvenate the energy within you

Did you notice the display board?? Still don't hesitate to bargain a little, keeping your pride away 😜

Coloured Glass bangles displayed in Laad Bazaar

Huge collection of Lac bangles in Lad Bazaar which is a hit among visitors and locals alike

A shop selling materials needed for Islamic Prayers

Attar/Ittar which is considered as auspicious for religious ceremonies. I couldn't resist the fragrance of the special Shah attar from this shop and ended up in buying one.

Not getting the perfect flavour for the Biriyani you made?? He has the solution for all your worries..

How a Ramzan visit to Hyderabad is complete without Haleem?? Do you know that Haleem has got Geographical Indication Status in 2010. It means that a dish cannot be sold as Hyderabadi Haleem unless it meets the necessary standards laid down.. (source: Wikipedia)

There are many top foodjoints who sells the best Haleem in Hyderabad such as Shadab, Pista House, Shah Ghouse to name a few..

Ending up the Ramadan visit to Charminar with a cool Faluda ..

Ramazan Night Bazaars will be open until 3.00 AM in the Morning. It took us nearly 3 hours to roam around, to eat the traditional delicious food and to photograph the streets.. The nearest bus stop is Afzal Gunj, which is 2Km away from Charminar, where you can get buses to Uppal side. 

Feel free to ask if you have any Queries. Also if I miss out any interesting areas in the night bazaar, let me know in the comment section below.. Hope you enjoyed the photos..

So when you are heading to the Charminar Ramzan Bazaar??


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