Streets of Fort Cochin

June 29, 2018

Enough said about the must see places and other details about Fort Kochi on previous blogs. This is last on the series and its a photologue on the streets of Cochin.

Kochi is a place which can be best explored by foot, by enjoying the Kerala style houses with thatched roof and European architectured buildings standing in shoulder to shoulder. Most of the buildings here were once colonial homes that are converted now into heritage hotels, home-stays, cafes, boutiques. So while enjoying the streets under the shadows of the big green trees I managed to click a few images in the sweaty weather of April. I hope you will enjoy scrolling over images, as much I loved strolling on the streets here.. 

Fort Kochi or Mattancherry?? I headed to Fortkochi this time..

Aspin Wall, a large sea-facing heritage property and is one of the primary venue for Muziris Biennale. 
Have you ever tasted ice cyeem?? 

When he was happily posing to get clicked.. Try the salted mangoes and gooseberries, from one of these street side shops at the beach..

One of pretty cafe overlooking the road somewhere in Princess Street, Fort Kochi..

The Kulukki Sarbath or the shaken lemonade, prepared by vigorously shaking lemon and ice cubes in a glass tumbler, served by adding sugar syrup and cuscus for extra cooling.. 

Kulukki Sarbath on the shaking.. Ohh sorry.. On the making..

Are you Malayali, then you must be remembering this house.. Got it?? Let me know if you figured out right.. It is believed that Vasco Da Gama stayed here.  

Oh Oh Is that a tree with windows?? 

For those who prefer street side shops over cafes, try the Nannari (Sarsaparilla) Sarbath to boost up your energy and to keep your body hydrated..

Graffiti on the walls are becoming a must observe thing if you are in Fort Kochi..

"Kochi is not a city.. It's a Feeling.." All Kochi summed up in the Graffiti, How many of the things you could figure out??

We were bidding farewell to the green covered streets of Fort Kochi after a walk of nearly 3 hours, until we meet again next time..

I am still in the hangover as I clouded up this post, during the last weekend Hampi trip.. So stay tuned for Hampi stories in the following week ahead..

Happy Travelling and Keep Smiling... 😍

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