Let Girls Travel and Conquer the World..

I don't remember where I read this words.. But felt it very captivating and best caption for my first successful backpacking travel which I was always dreaming off.. Girls only journey with my colleague/sister/friend whatever you name it..

It was a random choice of place for our 2 days trip. Vijayawada - The Land of victory. Meeting an old colleague there was just a secondary reason. All we wanted is a day out far from Hyderabad and something new.

View of Kanaka Durga temple from Gandhi hills

Booked tickets in APSRTC bus for Friday night from Hyderabad. Packed up our bags. And the journey started. 

Though dreaming of solo travel and backpacking make me travelgasmic, never had the guts to pack up the bags without a male company and to venture out into a new place, without knowing the regional language.

Many things were going on in mind, whether it will be safe for girls, will we get a place to safely spend the night.

Bhavani Island, Vijayawada

We reached Vijayawada, early in the morning at around 5.30, when the city was just waking up. We headed directly to the Krishna river, as shown on google maps. We were disappointed seeing plants and bushes instead of water and people pooping behind those. Many were sleeping beside the steps going down to the Krishna river.

We wanted to get rid of the dizziness from the last night sleep deprived bus journey. We were not accustomed to book hotels offline. Not only us, in this digital world, who will take a risk of not booking rooms prior to the journey. Headed directly to a hotel, bargained a little, took a small double room which costed 650 rupees per day. All we need was a place to couch in and to freshen up..

We freshened up and started exploring Vijayawada. Though you can get cabs for a private tour, we chose to travel in buses and share autos. People speak Telugu here. We managed with our little Telugu speaking skills with them and google map came for escape for the routes sometimes.

People were helping in figuring out routes and for everything with their Telugu and broken Hindi sometimes.

We roamed here and there for 2 days exploring the place. This trip was worth an experience for me, letting my fears down.

Krishna River, near Prakasam Barrage

There will be people to discourage everywhere by words and actions, especially when you are a girl by scaring and questioning. Ignore them and go ahead.

You will never know whats waiting out there, if you never tried.

I will shorty update the places to see around

Happy travels until we meet again..

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  1. Let girls conquer....

  2. Girls visit some adventurous places.you will feel more powerful.

  3. There are always some security concerns, but yes now girls are travelling alone. It gives them a sense of empowerment and increases their confidence.

    1. True that.. Because of the security issues, still I didn't had the guts to venture out alone.. But surely will do one day..


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