Sometimes its Good Not to Know Everything

Wondering what does the title has to do with the museum picture above??

Me and My friend went for a Girls trip to Vijayawada ..

You can read why we chose this offbeat destination and places of interest here..

Now let's come back to the story.

So on our trip, we visited this Archaeological museum named Bapu Museum (formerly known as Victoria Jubilee Museum) which is in the heart of the city, in M G Road.

We read that there is huge collection of sculptures and artifacts which dates back to 2nd and 3rd centuries, related to Buddhism and we were eager to see it.

We entered museum premises through the half opened gate, where there was no security guards and headed to the museum complex. It was all empty. In the verandah, aunties who works there having food suddenly shooed at us. We didn't understand why and went to them. They started speaking in Telugu, that museum is under renovation and no one is allowed in the premises. We were disappointed and tried to tell them in our broken Telugu to let us to have a peak through the doors. But they didn't allow us. They offered mangoes they were having and pointed at the big mango tree which is at the front of the museum.

I was reluctant at first to eat the mangoes as Nipah virus was spreading in Kerala. Was scared about whether bats have touched the mangoes. But couldn't resist the craving as it was already lunch time and we were hungry.

So we ate the mangoes with them trying to convince by saying that we had came a long way to see the museum. But nothing helped..


After having mangoes while we were searching for pipes to clean hands these artifacts got our attention.

I couldn't understand, why its arranged in the open air. Is it a part of sculpture garden?? I wonder if we keep it in rain and sun, won't it get deteriorated??

Whatever I felt it interesting and captured these Headless Sculptures.

Headless Ganesh

Headless Elephant

Headless Nandi

Headless Dhanwanthari

Isn't it interesting??

 After seeing all these sculptures, when we were about to leave, one mam came and started scolding us in Telugu. We told her that we don't understand Telugu. So she spoke in English, that a board has been kept on the gate, saying 'No visitors are allowed' in Telugu.

We said sorry and left the place. 

If we would have known to read Telugu, we would not have entered into the premises and we would have missed the yummy mangoes😋 and we would have missed capturing those captivating headless sculptures 😊.

Sometimes its Better Not to Know Everything. Isn't it??😉

PS: When we checked google later, the status was showing as under rennovation (we are happy that we didn't check it earlier). You can see a recent news article came in newspaper here.


  1. What's the story behind the healdless sculptures??

    1. No idea.. We couldn't find any one to ask about it.. :)

    2. It maybe because of the nature of marble rock which is brittle so the thinner you crave the weaker it gets. And all these buried since ancient times so.

    3. Will try to find out whether its true, on my next visit :)


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