United We Stand, Divided We fall

August 27, 2018

This picture was taken right after a heavy downpour, when I was back home in July this year. My favourite season in kerala is during this period of Monsoon. When someone asks me when is the best time to visit Kerala, I would proudly say it's during monsoons. Raining all the day, occasionally clouds clearing up, making way for the sun. Kerala is a beauty during this time with greenery surrounded and waterfalls becoming active. But this time the rain wanted to show us a different face. The downpour which lasted for 9 days continuously from August 8 to 16, made entire Kerala submerged in flooding.

People thought water won't reach their homes, but the deadly rain didn't had any difference between rich and poor. It gushed everywhere, submerging houses, farmlands, cattles, their belongings and everything in it.. Kerala has been badly affected by the Flood and is described as the worst flood in over a century.

Picture taken from WeForNews
According to the statistics provided on CMDRF's website, more than 370 human lives had been lost, more than 1 Million people were displaced. The rain, floods and landslides together destroyed 221 bridges, damaging 10,000 km of roads. 54000 hectares of crops had been lost.

The lives of many people has been changed terribly. Houses were wrecked and submerged. All the belongings, were damaged or lost in waters. Not even a cloth to wear. Hard work of people has been washed away in the water.

Houses and lands which was thought to be safe were submerged. No place was safe. All the 14 districts were affected by the rain. Can you imagine losing all your belongings an overnight in front of you?? Hard earned things in the lifetime were being washed away???

Picture taken from Financial Express

Since the roads were broken it was difficult to reach out to the places. But the timed assistance of military forces and help from fishermen with boats have helped saving many lives. The so-called new generation accused as mobile addicts, were in the forefront for using social media wisely for rescue operations.

Aftermath help came from almost all the Indian states and around the world. The sense of Humanity has not lost. The world is still a better place to live. 

People are yet to recover from the catastrophic flood, although rehabilitation works are on the go. A preliminary estimate of loss of Rs.20,000+ crores have been estimated.

Though we couldn't be a part of the rescue operations during the floods, we can help people to rebuild their lives. Each and every penny counts. Let us stand united and focus on the task of rebuilding Kerala. So do your bit of contribution in rehabilitating the people to the Chief ministers Distress Relief Fund
. We shouldn't allow politics to divide us. Kerala needs your help..


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