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If you start searching for must do things in Hampi, meeting Lakshmi will be on every ones priority list.

When we enquired, people in Hampi informed us that she will be here after 8.30 in the morning.

We patiently waited for her arrival from 8.30 in the morning near the banks of Tungabhadra river where the boats start to Hippie Island.

Waiting for long, even the seconds felt like ages (Am I being too romantic😍?!). After a long pause, we doubted will Lakshmi skip her bath today being a Sunday??

But Lakshmi was not like any of us 😛. she came. Just after the clock ticked 9.

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Though seeing elephants is not a big deal for Indians, a well trained elephant who blesses you when you handover some pennies will be unusual. There were foreigners waiting patiently for the arrival of Temple elephant for taking bath.

We wondered how it can reach the banks of the river through the steps. Can elephants walk like humans on these teeny-tiny steps?? I completely disregarded the fact that their natural habitat is forest and hills. She walked through the steps towards the river effortlessly, in an elephantically way.. Of course, she is an elephant. She has to walk like an elephant only.

Obeying her Mahout instructions she lied down in the river, turning sideways and putting her little trunk up above the water, while he started cleaning her up with the scrub and soap. Her royal bath went on for atleast an hour.

She is a true celebrity there in Hampi. If not her bathing time, you can find her at Virupaksha temple of Hampi. She will be there with the duty of blessing people, when someone hands over money in her trunk. The money goes straight to the pocket of Mahout. 

You can feed her bananas or sugarcane, but this time she won't bless you, as her teacher didn't teach her that..

Even elephant Poop is precious.

It was a common belief among us when we were kids that hair will grow abundantly if you step over elephant poop. No one dared enough to step on the poop with bare legs at that times. But later understood it was just a misbelief.

But this lady explained another benefit of stepping on the hot Elephant Poop. It heals some kind of disease on foot. I couldn't completely understand what ailment she was talking about as she was conversing in Kannada. Any Kannadigas here?? If you have any idea, what the ailment is will be happy to know about it.

So if you are in Hampi, Don't miss to meet her once and take the free blessings.

Have you been blessed by Lakshmi?? Will be happy to hear your thoughts if you liked the post or like to add up anything about Lakshmi or about Hampi..


  1. Laxmi is so cool. Loved the story. :)

  2. Nice :) me too have written a blog on my Hampi trip you can read


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