4 places to add in your list to visit when you are in Kurnool

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers Kurnool, is often referred to as the gateway of Rayalaseema and is at a distance of around 220 Kms from Hyderabad. This district is in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Kurnool can be reached via Hyderabad by bus or train or by self-driving.

I am penning down some of the visiting places and must do things when you are in Kurnool. All the mentioned places are in and around Kurnool, which can be visited in a day or 2.

No time to read?? watch a short video of visiting places in Kurnool here..

1. Alampur Temple

A cluster of temples dedicated to Jogulamba and Navabhrahmas. The Alampur Navabhrama temples reflect remarkable architectural skills. These 7th-century temples are beautifully architectured and is in the list of monuments maintained by Archaeological survey of India.

Though it is in Telangana state, I am listing here as its close proximity to Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. It is just 28 Kms away from Kurnool.

Timings to the temple are from 07.30 Am to 08.30 Am. The main temple remains closed during 1 to 2 in the afternoon.

There is also an archaeological museum just outside the temple. But the deal with our auto driver was to return back in an hour, so we missed seeing it.

You can spend 2 hours easily visiting this mesmerizing heritage site.

How to reach:

You can get the bus from the APSRTC bus stand, Kurnool. Another option is to hire an auto. We hired an auto for Rs.250/- to and fro from the APSRTC bus stand.

The nearest railway station is SBB Jogulamba Halt. Distance to the temple from this station is 12 Km.

Alampur temple is at the banks of river Tungabhadra. This is also the meeting point of Tungabhadra and Krishna River.

Notes/Tips: Pilgrims outnumber travellers. So consider dressing conservatively.

2. Oravakallu Rock Garden

A garden of rocks where one can hop from one to the other. It is a natural landscape formed of igneous rocks spread out in 1000 acres. It is maintained by AP Tourism with a food court and cottages spread amidst the rock garden.

It is at a distance of 26 Km from Kurnool. 

There is a sculpture animal park made out of junk iron parts of vehicles. 

How to Reach:

It is in the Kurnool-Nandyal Highway. Frequent buses are plying from Kurnool APSRTC bus stand to Nandyal. Catch a bus Get down at Orvakalu. Or hire an auto. Autos and buses are the most relied transportation facility in Kurnool.

Entry fee: Rs.10/-

3. Kondareddy Fort

Kurnool Fort aka Kondareddy Buruju is located at the heart of the city, just 2 Kms away from the railway station.

Get on the top of the fort to get the view of the Kurnool city. 

Timings are from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

4. Abdul Wahab Khan's Tomb

The tomb of Abdul Wahab (first Nawab of Kurnool) is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. This 400-year-old structure is also called as Gol Gummaz.

Entrance fee : None

Notes/Tips: This heritage structure is in a narrow road. So parking vehicles might be a headache.

5. ?????????

Feel free to suggest more places in and around Kurnool for other travellers.

When you are in Kurnool, try out the local Andhra cuisines prepared using the famous Guntur chillies. The taste will be awesome, but better keep some water nearby especially for the ones who is not accustomed to eat spicy foods.

I will not suggest you to visit these places in Summer. We visited in August. Still, the humidity was very high.

Am all ears for your suggestions regarding this post.


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