8 Nepalese Cuisines You Must Try on Your Visit to Kathmandu, Nepal


On our Nepal trip, I had this big list of food to eat along with things to do.. Plan to visit Nepal was setted up in a month. Plenty of information is available in the net nowadays about places. We custom made our itinerary for 4 days and list of must try foods in Nepal. Most of the local Nepalese cuisines if you are trying at local shops, won't burn your pockets much. So let me list out some of the Nepalese dishes we tried and enjoyed.

1. Momos

First and Foremost thing one will suggest to eat in Nepal or any Himalayan places as such will be Momos. In each nook and corner of the street in Nepal you can see Momos steaming in front of eateries.

Momos are steamed rice dumplings stuffed with minced Buffalo, Chicken or any mix of Vegetables

Steamed Momos served with Sauces

We could see two types of Momos. Steamed and Fried Momos. My personal favourite among them was steamed Momos.

Fried Momos

Momos were one of our favourite quick meal in Nepal. In those cold weather, steaming hoty momos, dipped in tangy spicy sauce/chutney were a must have delight.


Price of momos vary from 100-120 NPR, depending on how big the eatery/restaurant is. 

2. Nepalese Thali.

Nepalese Thali - Vegetarian

Nepalese Thali consists of a small bowl of rice with lentil soup (our so called Dal) with Tarkari (mixed vegetable cury), Achaar (Pickle) and Papad. 

Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Thali's are available.

Non-Vegetarian Thali

3. Chowmein

Chowmein is noodles fried and sauted with vegetables or meat (according to your choice). Like Momos it's available in almost all the shops across Nepal and is super cheap. It costed us 80 NPR (50 INR) per plate of Chowmein in a local eatery.

4. Thukpa


Thukpa is a noodle soup added with vegetables. It made it's way to Nepal from Tibet.

5. Juju Dhau


Don't miss to taste Juju Dhau (The King yogurt) when you are at Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Most of the shops in Bhaktapur area sells Juju Dhau. It tastes like sweetened yoghurt, something like Junnu (A pudding made of colostrum of cow available in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India). Only difference is this yoghurt, Juju Dhau is made of Buffalo milk.

Each cup costs around 30-40 NPR.

Newari Foods

6. Chicken Sekuwa

You can try amazing Newari foods on your visit to Patan Durbar Square at Newari Kitchen Restaurant in Lalitpur. Though having food here was costly affair compared to what we had in other places in Kathmandu, food was yummy.

We ordered Chicken Sekuwa as an appetizer. Sekuwa means any meat roasted in a natural wood fire in a broiler or grill in a traditional Nepalese style. Chicken was marinated with Nepalese spices and it tasted amazing.

7. Grilled Fish

We ordered Grilled Fish thinking it as a starter. But it consisted of a cup of rice, with sauted vegetables and fish.

8. Chaku Yomari

And we ended our Newari food treat with Chaku Yomari. Yomari is a sweet made of rice dough stuffed with substances like Chakku or Sakhar and black sesame and steamed. 

As I mentioned earlier having food in Newari Kitchen Restaurant costed us around 1500 Nepalese Money, including beverages for 2 persons (475 INR per head)

Fancy Breakfast

Other than Nepalese food, we had these Fancy set of breakfasts in Nepal. I am in that  category of person, one who cannot skip breakfast. But we couldn't find much Nepalese breakfasts. So we had to satisfy our morning hunger with all these foreign invaded breakfasts.

Breakfast in one of the hotels (Hotel Encounter) in Kathmandu.

Breakfast in one of the hotels (Langtang View Bed and Breakfast) in Nagarkot.

Breakfast in one of the hotels (Hotel Encounter) in Kathmandu.


Nepalese alchohol/wine shops are like tea stalls in India. In each 5 or 10 step we walk in Kathmandu we could see shops selling alchohol. If you like to enjoy a drink to wash down your Nepalese food , try locally available beers there. Ofcourse it will be necessary if you are travelling in winter time as temperature dips down to 3 to 4 degree celsius.

Locally Brewed Beer, Everest, Served during our flight with Nepal Airlines

Nepal is one of the few countries you can have a sip of Somersby Apple Cider Beer. It was available in Newari Kitchen, Lalitpur.

There were many food varieties we missed to taste in Nepal such as Gwaramari, Sel Roti.. And there will be many other delicacies which we missed out. If you know any of those hidden delicacies, hope you don't mind sharing in comment section below..

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  1. Is it continental breakfast or nepali special??

    1. First 8 are Nepalese Food items. They are Nepalese Specials..

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