How I spent a day in Lucknow - Uttar Pradesh

June 07, 2019

How to spend a day in Lucknow?? I was searching for the same answers when an official trip has been organized to Lucknow.

If you are traveling to the city of Nawabs, ie., Lucknow in November - February, keep hold of warm clothes, as in the nights the temperature can dip down to 10 degrees.

Ola/ Uber service is available throughout the city. Almost all the places are connected by share auto services. If you are budget traveller, you can consider that option and get around the place like a Lucknowian does.

If you search, visiting places in Lucknow, Bara Imambara tops the list. It is a must go tourist attraction in Lucknow.

Guides are available all around these tourist attractions. You can spend at least 2-3 hours adoring the architecture marvels of Bhool Bhulaiaya and Baoli inside the Bara Imambara complex. Guided tours are must if you want to appreciate the amazing facts hidden in these monuments.  

After exploring the Bada Imambara complex, head to Rumi Darwaza. You can either walk or opt for a guided auto tour. They will take you to Rumi Darwaza, Chowk to see Chikan works, Clock Tower and Chotta Imambara.

After visiting all the places, head to Aminabad. It is a very crowded place with devilish traffic. So ready to face the crowd, and sound pollution here. The famous Tunday Kababi restaurant is around the corners of Aminabad. Have the real taste of Tunday Kebabs served here.

After having a heart-melting kebabs, head to Chowk for some shopping of its famous Chikankari Kurtis and Sarees. Chowk is the best place in Lucknow to buy these delicate embroidery suits. Plenty of shops are in Chowk compared to Aminabad for buying chikan work. One thing to remember is by night 9 the shops will be closed.  So do your bit of bargaining and own the traditional pride of Lucknow when you are here. Thursdays are holiday for Chowk. No shops will be open.

After shopping, have delicious chaat and panipuris in the Chowrasta there. The dahi Bada I had in one of those shop(Shree Prem Misthan Bhandar) was fingelickingly delicious.

Muskuraiye aap Lucknow mein hein has come true for me when I had the delicious Tungdey Kebab and while I shopped for Chikankari till my knees dropped. And that comes to the end of my Lucknow Darshan. 

If you have more to say about Lucknow, the places I must see, food which I have missed, Let me know in the comments below..

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