Exploring the best food joints around Charminar during Ramzan

It was that time of the year to savour the Hyderabad specials again.. Yes it was Ramzan/Ramdan..

For feeling the Ramzan charm, in Hyderabad, people say you should visit the old part of the city, which is around Charminar. But most parts of the city will be lively till late night. Temporary opened stalls for shopping and busy food counters selling mouth-watering dishes.

Last few years we were trying the famous Hyderabadi Biriyani and Haleem from the famous food joints, like Paradise, Pista House, Shadabh, Cafe Bahar to list a few shops selling best Haleem.
Sev Chicken

And in last year we tried the tender and Juicy Tangri Kebab/Tangdi Kebab served with chutney from Cafe Bahar and desserts like Kaddu Ki Kheer (INR 60) from Pista house, Badam Phirni from RTC cross road, Bawarchi. It is a rich sweet dessert made of thickened milk, dried fruit, and ground rice priced at Rs.40. Falooda (INR 50) from Shadabh.

But this year we found a new food joint Sonu Kabab. It's pretty famous. But we had the privilege to taste lip-smacking snacks in this year only. As someone said better late than never.

I've made a small video about the varieties of food items served here..

If you are going alone the chances of tasting more dishes depends on your tummy capacity. So better go in a group. The number of persons going is proportional to the number of snacks you can try here. 

We tried Pathar ka gosht, Reshmi Kebab, Malai Kebab which is made of mutton and Sev chicken, Chicken Crispy, Chicken Roll and Mutton soup. We were a group of three and we could try 7 items served there.

My favourites were Pathar ka gosht and Sev chicken. 

Mutton Pathar Ka Gosht

And to gulp it down, you can have Qahwa, which is an Arabic coffee, which is sold just opposite the Sonu Kebab shop. It is a hot coffee, which tastes somewhere between coffee and payasam with an Arabic taste.

We reached by 8 PM, it was not that crowdy. But as time proceeded, there was an insane crowd on this food joint and across the street.

So for next Eid, take a note on this place around the corner of Charminar and give your taste buds a huge treat.

Al Farooj Sonu Kabab pathar ka gosht
21-6-631/1, Charmahal Petla Burz, Hussaini Alam, Hyderabad, Telangana 500064

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