Why Trichup Keratin Shampoo & Hair Mask?? - Review

November 01, 2020

    This pandemic has made us to take care of ourselves a little more than we usually do.. At least for myself.. Waiting for weekends to run away from the city life has stopped for the time being.

    Hopping into the crowded trains and buses are the least things which I want to do right now.. Boring Saturdays and Sundays are what Covid has given us.. It's a good time to indulge in Atma-Nirbhar😜 (self-reliant) self-care.


    Cutting hair, to coloring it, I had put up my hair into a lot of experiments during the lock down period. So it is time for me to give it a little pampering, after all the sufferings it has endured. Maybe a hair spa or a good hot oil treatment.

    What we call as the So- called normalcy is getting back into pace, with shops, restaurants and salons re-opening. Spending more time in crowded places is not yet advisable, especially for people like me, where we have elderly at homes..


    Going to a salon is not in my list until the situation in India stabilizes a bit. It's at the right time when Trichup had sent me these products : Trichup Shampoo & Hot oil treatment Hair Mask with Keratin for Damage repair.


    The main thing I liked about this product is that it contains Keratin.. If you don't know what is Keratin, let me enlighten you about it in 3 lines. It's a protein found in the hair that is responsible for its health. This is the protein which protects the hair from humidity, which is the major cause of frizz. Our hair contains Keratin, but overtime it will loose, due to sunlight, pollution and harsh hair treatment(like coloring, use of heat).

    Trichup Shampoo and Hair mask contains Keratin, which forms a layer over hair replacing the lost protein and rebuilds strength, returns elasticity and reduces breakage. It also helps in binding the moisture in turn helping in imparting shine, volume and manageability to the hair. A tough smooth Keratin film coating the hair shaft reduces split ends, improves hair appearance and reduces the frizziness of the hair. Keratin also prevents and repairs hair cuticle damage.

How to use??


I will try to explain this in 5 steps.

1. Completely wet your hair. Take required amount of shampoo in your palms. Apply it on the hair including scalp and work until it lathers.

2. Rinse your hair and scalp until the shampoo is washed out fully. You can skip the regular conditioning as ‘Trichup Keratin Damage Repair Shampoo’ contains conditioner.

3. Next step is to apply the ‘Trichup Hot oil Treatment Hair Mask’. Drip off the excess water on hair. Take 2-3 fingerfull of the product. Apply it on the wet hair from root to tip, covering every strand of the hair.


 4. Dampen a towel with warm water, Squeeze out the excess water and wrap it around your hair. This hot towel treatment helps in enhancing the product absorption.

5. If required, re-dampen the towel and wrap again and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

My routine is to give an oil massage before starting the shampooing. I usually keep it overnight or on busy days, 2-3 hours minimum before shampooing.

My Review:


     Using this package of Shampoo and Hair Mask was like giving a hair spa at home. This product is so good, that it retains the moisture and helps in getting rid of split ends in the meantime. It also made my hair soft and shiny and voluminous. Mine is wavy hair, but this product can be used for all hair types. I felt my hair is rejuvenated within 2-3 times use. It also has a strong fragrance that stay for quite some days and I highly recommend you to try it out.

Key Features:

· These products are made in India. If you are looking out for locally sourced products, you can give it a try.

· And for added advantage, Trichup products are Paraben-free.

    Trichup products are from Vasu healthcare. They have 40 Year of Excellence and their products are available in 40+ countries.

    MRP of Trichup Keratin Shampoo is Rs.220/- for 200ml and Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask is Rs.699/- for 500ml. If you would like to checkout the products here is the link.. You should definitely check it out if you don't want to visit salons in the current situation.

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