The Unexplored Goa : Kaurati Caves and Devils Finger, Sinquerim, North Goa

March 15, 2021

Hello Peeps, Whatsup Up?? 

Hope you are Safe and Sound and back to travelling safely and consciously..


Staying the same place for an year is making us crave for travel. And we planned an Epic Trip to Goa. It was more Exciting as we were 4 Girls. 

Yaaasss..It was a Girls trip to GOAAAA...

Finally out from Hostel rooms and Daily Routines. Nd more than that, out from the busy Hyderabad lives.


In our trip, we tried to include some less explored places in Goa. We checked up on Instagram, for the hidden Gems and found this Mysterious cave called Kaurati Caves and Devil's Finger, in North Goa near to Sinquerim beach and Lower Aguada Fort. No idea how the name came and who explored it first.  So if you love offbeat places, I would definitely recommend to visit this place..


How to Reach Kaurati caves and things to keep in mind when you go here is compiled in this Video. Watch it.. I hope you will enjoy the video.. 



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