Kerala Guidelines for Domestic Air Travel

September 14, 2021


Travelling to Kerala?? Then reading till the end is definitely gonna help you.


I travelled to Kerala on 4th September 2021 and these were the two documents they asked me at Cochin International Airport exit point. I will briefly explain all the required details. So Read on....

1. E-pass


 E-pass is a must to enter Kerala. You can get this by going to the Jagratha portal which is Government of Kerala's official website. This is the website address.


Depending on your duration of the visit you can choose options like Domestic Entry, Emergency entry, Short/Regular visit etc from the Citizen tab. 

When I went to Kerala, I wasn't sure about the return dates. Short visit is allowed for only 8 days and Regular visit is allowed for 6 months. In short visit you have to give details of your return travel tickets also. I didn't had my return ticket booked. Hence I went to 

Citizen>Domestic Entry>


Enter you phone number here. OTP will be obtained. Once you enter OTP, fill in all the mandatory details like your destination address, ward number, local body, Flight/Train/Car number. 

You can add here about fellow traveller details also. 


At the end of page you have to compulsorily upload either RT-PCR Negative result or Final Vaccination Certificate. I have completed my 2 doses of Vaccine. Hence I uploaded Final Vaccination certificate.


2. RT-PCR Test or Final Vaccination certificate.


If you have completed both doses of Covid vaccine, you can show that at the airport or else RT-PCR test which is showing negative not earlier than 72 Hrs before the arrival. Those who are not carrying Covid vaccination certificate or RT-PCR negative report shall be mandatorily required to undergo testing upon arrival at their own cost. Testing facility is available inside the Cochin Airport at the exit point. 

Before you go… 


These Travel guidelines are as on September 4th 2021. Please do check with the latest guidelines before travelling as they get updated time to time.



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