Updated Travel medical kit in Covid-19

September 13, 2021
My medicinal travel kit has updated...
Travelling before covid era had essentials like Paracetamol for fever, Avomine for motion sickness, loperamide for Diarrhoea, in my kit. But now things have changed, the world have changed... Just a cough in the airport, or in a public place or inside the house itself, will make heads turned towards you.. 

So let me introduce to you things I've recently added to the travel kit for throat care and to boost immunity by KOFOL

 KOFOL products are from Charak Pharma with a vision to give highly efficient yet chemical-free products for consumer’s well-being. They have products such as Syrup, Chewable Tablets, Rubs and Gargle which are mainly Ayurvedic Cough relievers. Charak Pharma have been leading in the field of Ayurveda for the last 74 years and pass through stringent quality checks and are exported to 35 countries. They boast to be their products be 100% natural.
 Let’s have a look at each of the products individually.
1. Kofol Chewable Tablets
These tablet contains natural products like Bibhitaki, Camphor, Kali Miri, Kankola, Lavang Oil, Menthol, Shunthi, Yashtimadhu which are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, which relieves throat pain and soreness associated with coughing giving a soothing effect to the throat.

2. Kofol Immunity Tablet
They are Ayurvedic Immunity booster which can be consumed by Adults as well as Children. The key ingredients of this are Chitrak, Shunthi, Guduchi, Haldi, Kali Mirch, Manjishtha, Pippali which helps in boosting immunity. 


3. Kofol Gargle
Gargle with 10-15 ml of Kofol Gargle whenever you have sore throat. It contains natural herbs such as Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Pudina etc. These herbs liquefy the mucus, and relieve you of irritations, and scratchy sensations in the throat.



4. Kofol Syrup - Ayurvedic cough reliever

Consuming KOFOL syrup provides relief from all types of cough. It contains Shunthi, Tulsi, Vasa and more,which are anti-inflammatory in nature.Though this is not a sugar free syrup, they do have Kofol Sugar free syrup which can be taken by diabetics also.


Checkout the links below if you are interested to buy these products..

Kofol Immunity -

Kofol Syrup -

Kofol Gargle -

Kofol Chewable -

For more details about the products visit their website

You can also checkout their Instagram pages and their facebook pages
@vedistryindia @charakpharma

Now tell me about your updated medical travel kit. or have you updated it yet?!

Before you go… 


All the views expressed above are from my personal experience. What works for me, may not be effective for you. Also if you have any kind of allergies do check out the ingredient list, and it is always better to take medicines and supplements with the prescription of a medical practitioner.


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With much love,
Reshma from LoveTravelThings


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