Exploring Top 9 Places in KOCHI, Kerala

October 27, 2021

Hey, did you start travelling yet?? I know most of the tourist destinations are getting crowded coz of the revenge travel.. Even I couldn't stop myself from exploring places when I got the chance. It was just another regular visit to my home in Kerala. When I got a day free, I thought why not revisit the places around my house and showcase it to the world 😚. 


So this piece of writing is the list of places I explored Kochi/Cochin in Kerala under 5 hours. I had the time to visit top 9 tourist attractions in Kochi city, Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. If you are lazy to read checkout the video I made with much more information 👇


After Covid second wave, most of the historical places in Kerala were closed for travellers. Watch the video for more details of What's open for tourists to see in Cochin. Hope you will enjoy the video. Have fun watching and if you know more places around Kochi Do share.. If you wish to Subscribe, click here


 So Let's begin the list

1. Queen's Walkway


This is now one of the most popular hangout place in Cochin among locals. The 'I Love Kochi' symbol is kept at the starting of the road, if you are coming from Chittoor/ Pachalam side. The roads are absolutely stunning with backwater on one side and high rise buildings on the other side. There is also an open gym here.

2. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary 


Next I visited an offbeat place in Ernakulam town itself. Just behind the Highcourt of Kerala, is this green blanketed sanctuary with trees and plants. It is a nesting ground for many varieties of migratory birds. The Managalavanam is often regarded as the "green lung of Kochi", considering its role in keeping the city's air pollution under check. The area is a roosting place for many kinds of resident and migratory birds

3. APJ Abdul Kalam Marg/ Marine Drive


Before it was known as Marine Drive, but now the name is changed to APJ Abdul Kalam Marg. Marine Drive is best to spend some time or to take a walk with your loved ones. Don't forget to get some Icecream or snacks from the street vendors here while you enjoy the calmness of Vembanadu Lake. 



4. Backwater ride to Fort Kochi


To visit Fort Kochi or Mattancherry the best way will be taking this backwater boat ride operated by Kerala government. It is less time consumed and cheapest way. So do enjoy the boat ride. 

5. Jew Street


Jew Street is a beautiful street lined with shops selling antiques, handicrafts, spices, souvenirs... While strolling through these streets, you will feel some kind of vibes which I am not able to explain to you. So feel it yourself when you go here.

6. Jewish/Paradesi Synagogue


This is the place of worship for Jew people. This is the oldest synagogue in the commonwealth and is worth visiting to see the chandeliers, the floor tiles and a lot more.. 



7. Dutch/Mattancherry Palace


The Mattancherry palace is a Portuguese palace. It is popularly known as Dutch Palace and is best to know about the history of Kochi and Kochi Rajas. The palace is a grandeur with wooden works. If you are eager to know the history of Kochi, this is the place to visit.


8. St. Francis Church


It is one of the oldest European church in India built in 1503. Vasco Da Gama was buried here, but later it was shifted to Lisbon. Still the place is marked. And also you can see the oldest form of ceiling fans which I felt very intriguing.


9. Fort Kochi Beach


My trip ended here. This greyish toned beach have a special place in my heart always. Maybe it is connected to my childhood. Long time back, this beach was clean, but not anymore. I wouldn't suggest you to go to this beach for playing in the waters. But this place is still visited by many locals as well as tourists. There is a pavement you can walk on. Enjoy the Chinese fishing nets in action while you are here. 



Hope you found this list useful. Do add to the list If I missed out any. I will be back soon with another interesting write-up. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in comment section. I will be very happy to help you.. 


Stay safe.. Stay Happy.. 


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