Must try in Hyderabad - Delicious Mandi at Pista House

When you think of Hyderabad, what's the first thing that come to your mind?

Is it Charminar ?

or Hyderabadi Biriyani? 🍲 Haleem??

or Irani Chai?? 🍵

What is it??

For me it's Hyderabad Biriyani 😋 !! The love for it is never gonna die. Be it from Bawarchi, Paradise, Pista House or 100 Rs/- Biriyani that you get in small take-away shops. No matter where, Give it to me, I love it all 💗.

I've been staying in Hyderabad for the past 7 years.

When I go away from Hyderabad to go to my home town 🏠, conferences, Vacations etc, first thing that pops up in my head is I have to eat Hyderabad Biriyani before I go. And same thing when I come back from a few days trip.

It has become a Good-Bye and Welcome-Back ritual for me to have the authentic flavored Hyderabad Biriyani. But today I want to share about my new found love. No, am not ditching the Biriyani, but want to add this in my list of favorite foods.

It's Mutton Juicy Mandi from Pista House.

I have been seeing many photos and reels about Mandi in Hyderabad for quite sometime. But it took a long time before I get my hands on it. What really fascinated me is sharing the big plate of mandi by a group of people and the seating arrangement. It is new for me. In Kerala, or anywhere else I have not seen this kind of setup. Only once I saw a picture somewhere, Arab men sitting around and eating from one plate, I couldn't digest the scene.

So the day came, when I finally tried the Mandi. It was my friend's birthday party and 4 of us girls went to try Mandi in Pista House. One among us have already tried before. But for remaining three of us, it was a new experience.

We sat there on the carpet laid down with a table kept in the middle of us. Ambiance was good. We ordered the Juicy Mutton Mandi!!!

They have separate section for Family and Men. We waited there patiently in that hall filled with aroma of Mandi which made our appetite more.

Immediately when we sat they served us Mutton Shorba. It is Mutton Bone soup. Not exactly soup. Difference is that, there won't be any meat or solid food items in Shorba. It was yummy and my tummy thanked me for not making it wait.

We started chit-chatting and after some wait time, came the VIP we were waiting for.


We ordered one big plate which can be shared by 4. We started savoring it. Woww!!!

The softest and juiciest mutton... No words to explain the aroma and taste of Mutton Mandi. Earlier I have ate Mandi ordered through Zomato and was not a fan. But this one.. OMFG.. The flavor was something new and loved it at the very first bite itself. Mutton pieces with gravy were served in a small bowl and Mandi rice spread in a big plate garnished with caramelized onions and fried raisins. Mayonnaise and Red sauce also were provided in small bowls.

So it was my turn of giving a party. I knew that I wanted to try out Mandi again. Without a thought and due to some time constraints I went back to the same Pista House with another group of friends.

This time, as there is a non-meat eater in our group, we had to order Fish Mandi too. Was not expecting it to be this good, coz, I was thinking 'Who will eat fish when there is mutton and chicken'. But have to say I was wrong. Some of us liked the Fish Mandi more than Mutton Mandi. Fish was grilled and it tasted amazing.

So if you are tired of Mutton Mandi, Fish Mandi can be worth trying. I made a small video on our experience at Pista House. Linking it down. Check it out and love to hear your thoughts..

As you can see in the video, we ended our splendid Mandi dinner with refreshing Saudi Champagne.

If you are in Hyderabad and never tried Mandi, GO.. Devour some Mandi. Or else if you have plans to visit Hyderabad do put the Mandi in your list of must try in Hyderabad and Thank me later.

See this price list of Mandi's at Pista House.

I really enjoyed having Mutton Mandi at Pista House. Do tell me If you have any favorite Mandi place in Hyderabad. I would love to try some.

I will be back soon with another interesting write-up. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in comment section. I will be very happy to help you..

Stay safe.. Stay Happy..

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